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What does skin cancer on the eyelid look like?

Does anyone know if skin cancer is on the eyelid is it seen on the eyelid or can it just feel like it is swollen? In the last few months my eyelids have felt like they are swollen. Can that be a sign of skin cancer?

  1. I don’t have the answer. Am wondering too since one of mine has felt scaly and itchy.

    1. Hopefully someone will have an answer. Will be going to dermotologist in April hopefully to get an answer if the virus doesn't cancel the appt.

    2. Hi ! I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing? Were you able to get any answers concerning your eyelid? All my best, -Julie (team member)

  2. I've had so much squamous cell carcinoma I lost count years ago. I have a spot on my lower lid that peels often and had 2 opthalmologists take a look at it. One was prepared to biopsy, but my insurance changed and I had to follow up with another. The second one simply said, "I'm not worried about it". If it is anything it's changing very slowly and I'll have him look at it again on my next appointment. Not much help.

    1. It sounds like mixed messages, . Overall I'd say that's one of the most confusing things - it seems like every derm and PA has a different opinion. I wish there was some way to make it more objective. Perhaps technology will advance in some way to make that possible. Do you feel okay with waiting? If not perhaps you could see if there's another derm available in your network. - Nina, Team

  3. I have not recieved an answer from anyone yet. Just biding my time while waiting for answers. Thank you

    1. Waiting can be so difficult! I'm hoping you get an answer soon. Please keep us updated. Thinking of you, Julie (team member)

  4. Get kept saying it will be just fine. So I guess going with that.

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