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First Skin Cancer Surgery

I have my first skin cancer surgery in a few days, Mohs surgery. I had a large BCC excised and referred to Mohs surgeon to remove the rest. I am afraid it will be more than I think. Can anyone share their experience soon?

  1. I had that experience one year ago. There was no pain during the mohs, just emotions. Wondering how big of a hole you would end up with, and how the repairs will look. I had an advanced BCC on the side of my nose and the mohs left a hole that could fit a marble. There was hardly any pain afterwards, as I was to wait 5 days before my surgery to repair it. They took some skin and fat from my lower neck area to fill it in. It looked awful at first, but quickly improved. Again, no pain to speak of. The round, lighter colored patch is not noticeable with make up.

    1. How was your neck afterwards? Did they not use stitches to close your Mohs wound?

      1. The neck had internal dissolving stitches inside and butterfly tapes on the outside. A lot of bruising, no pain. I had several small stitches around the mohs wound and the surgeon removed every other one after 2 weeks and the rest later. I had to keep small patches of vaseline infused gauze she provided on it at all times to keep it from drying out. I am trying to send photos, but my internet is challenged right now

        1. Any luck on the pictures? Did you have any problems cleaning and dressing the area daily? Oh I get so tired of doing it. The lesion was removed by my dermatologist and now she’s referred me to a Mohs surgeon for the rest. So I’ll be cleaning and dressing the area again! It’s on my upper left arm and I’m left handed so o am doing this with one hand and not my dominant hand.

      2. The surgeon patched a piece of donor skin and fat from my neck to close the mohs wound with 10 stitches holding it in place.

        1. I need someone to talk to. My Mohs surgeon let it to me whether to do stitches or secondary intention open wound. I was told that stitches get more infected and that the scar would be larger. Now I’m reading the opposite research. I even read that open wound is old school and for small wounds. I’m just so scared and disappointed. Caring for this open wound is awful!

        2. My dermatologist recommended the Mohs surgeon she used and he’s fellowship trained. But why in the world did he not put stitches in! He asked for my choice and who am I to know the best choice! I am so mad!

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