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Healthy Skin Month Giveaway - BONUS Entry

November is National Healthy Skin Month, and we are giving away 5 Supergoop skincare items!
For 1 bonus entry, share how your last skin check went. Did you receive treatment? Did you have a biopsy? Were you seeing a new dermatologist? Comment below!
The giveaway ends on November 30, 2021, at 11:59 PM ET. Haven't entered the giveaway yet? Click this link:

  1. Had a great checkup last time! Two biopsies and both were fine! First time in a while I have had the all-clear! April,, Moderator

    1. It's definitely not often that happens. I'm so glad you got the all-clear! April,, Moderator

    2. ...I am so glad you had a great checkup! I know what a relief that is for you! I hope you have many more all-clears in your future!
      April,, Moderator

  2. My last checkup was excellent!! All clear with not biopsies!!

    1. ...such good news! So happy for you! It's always so good to hear there will be no cutting! April,, Moderator

  3. last check was all clear! Next one coming end of Nov. (Metastatic Merkle Cell Cancer)

    1. ...definitely sending you good vibes for that November visit! April,, Moderator

  4. My last checkup was all clear. It's great to hear that every time it happens.

    1. agreed! So glad to hear you got the all-clear! April,, Moderator

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