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Squamous Cell Cancer

I have a large (8-9 mm) bulbous pink squamous cell cancer on my right hand. It grew to that size in just under four weeks, so it grew fast and it's large.

When I went to my Dermatologist, she did a scrape/shave biopsy and then said that she thought it would probably go away on its own. Has anyone ever heard that from their Dermatologist about a large squamous cell cancer? Also, shortly after the confirmation of the biopsy, they scheduled a surgery to remove this cancer almost two months out. Seems like a long time to have this removed.

Go away on its own? Surgery in 6.5 weeks? Is this normal?

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing you story and your question. When it comes to skin cancer, so much seems to be changing regarding diagnoses and treatments on a regular basis. What is normative for one physician may not be for another. My best thought is that if you are not satisfied with the answers or treatment that you are receiving, get another opinion. Go with your gut instinct and see what other professionals think. Hope this helps. Scott team member

    1. Thanks. Just not sure if this is normal or not. I'm on an "Advantage" plan, which means going to another Doctor is difficult. But I think you're right, its worth paying another Dermatologist, outside my system, to see if this current Doctor has put me at risk or not.

      1. ...I agree with Scott's advice. If you question your doctor's decision at all, it's best to seek a second opinion if possible.

        I understand how hard it can be to wait on surgery. It's difficult to say what is normal as far as wait times these days--so many things in the medical community have been impacted by Covid. In my experience, I normally have to wait a week or so for surgery following a diagnosis. Every facility, however, is different.

        Please keep us posted. We are sending positive energy your way!

        April,, Moderator

        1. I agree with April agreeing with me, especially when it comes to getting second opinions. Scott team member

      2. They definitely do not go away on their own! In answer to your second question about the time frame to removal, in my experience they do not seem to be in a rush to remove them because as a rule they do grow slowly. It has in fact been as long as you say, but, echoing the others, if you are not comfortable, you could get a second opinion. But also if you like the dermatologist, you could call and ask if there is a chance for them to get you in sooner because you are concerned.

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