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Lesions on scalp.

I have three lesions on scalp which have been there for over 5 years. Can someone tell me what they are ? I am really scared. Attaching a close-up of one of the lesions via a mobile phone camera

  1. The fear can be overwhelming, . So sorry you're going through this! Unfortunately, we can't offer any diagnostic or medical advice for your safety.

    Other than by a pathologist with a microscope, skin cancer simply can't be diagnosed by looking at it. In fact, it's why we're wary of sharing photographs of cancerous spots — they often provide a false sense of security. Furthermore, skin cancer looks different on every person.

    Only a dermatologist has the tools, education, and resources to diagnose properly. Here's what a proper skin exam is like, Doctor appointments are a hassle, but so worth it for your peace of mind!

    Can you contact a dermatologist to take a look? If not, let us know and we'll provide some links to help you find a free screening nearby. -Eileen, Team

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