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Newly diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma

Hi everyone,
First of all, I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with others with my skin cancer issues.

I was recently diagnosed with SCC with a lesion on the back of my hand. It was only a few millimetres in diameter when the skin biopsy was done about five weeks ago, but is now a little over 1 cm in diameter. I am referred to plastic surgery but will have to wait at least two months for the excision to be done.

Of course I am worried about it spreading. Have any of you had similar issues?

Many thanks,

  1. Hi Mary, welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear about your SCC diagnosis, how have you been feeling since receiving this news? I hope others are able to chime in with their personal experience but, in the meantime, I did want to share some links with you that may have some helpful information:,,, You are also welcome to peruse through all of our SCC content here: Please know that you're not alone and that our community is here for you through this journey. Keep me posted on how you're doing and any updates on your excision! -Alexa ( moderator)

    1. Thanks for the information Alexa. A quick update for you. I called several plastic surgery offices in a nearby city and found a surgeon that prioritizes skin cancer patients so that their surgeries are done within two weeks of referral. With this in mind, I saw the surgeon yesterday and will be having the squamous cell carcinoma on my hand taken out in two weeks. So much better than waiting 3 to 4 months in my own community. Very thankful for this.

      1. This is wonderful news! I am so glad that you were able to get treatment sooner than later. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Scott moderator

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