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Run to the Dermatologist!

Before my stage 3 melanoma diagnosis, I noticed that the mole on the middle of my back started itching and becoming scaly. I did not make a dermatology appointment for a few months because my job was far too demanding and did not allow for a break to see a doctor. Thankfully, I found a new job, and making an appointment was one of my top priorities. However, the soonest I could get in with a dermatologist was 6 months in the future!
It's hard to tell if the melanoma stage increased during my wait. It's hard to tell if it traveled to my lymph nodes during that wait. What I do know (now) is that my health is more important than any job, and I hope that this message resonates with someone else out there.
Please take care of yourself, do your monthly self-examination, and immediately call a dermatologist if you see a new or changing mole that fits into the ABCDE criteria of melanoma.

  1. Thank you for sharing this very important message. Namely, that health should be a top priority on everyone's list especially when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Your post is informative with practical tips for anyone dealing with skin cancer issues. Much appreciated. Scott moderator

    1. So was it Melanoma? It is hard sometimes to put yourself first or even get a timely appointment. I wish you all the best.

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