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What will help my scars heal faster?

  1. Unfortunately, scars don’t always heal as quickly as we want them to. It is important to remember that scars may take 12-18 months to completely heal, so be patient with the process. An over-the-counter scar cream used as directed can help with the healing process. If that doesn’t provide the desired results, talk with your doctor about a prescription-strength scar cream. Also, scar massage helps decrease swelling and also decreases scar tissue buildup. Wait until the wound is healed to start scar massage, though. Keep in mind that your scars are more sun-sensitive, and will burn easily with sun exposure. Take extra care to apply sunscreen and protect them from over exposure!

    1. My surgeon recommended silicon sheets. You can get them from Amazon. I have been using them only 2 weeks, and I can see a subtle difference. You can cut the sheets to the size of your scar and re-use then. I would recommend then. My surgeon said they have the most research behind them working to heal scars. Not expensive at all.

    2. Thank you for sharing this! I have not used these previously. I’m glad you’re seeing results with them! Judy, Moderator

  2. Scars take time to heal. Make sure to not stress the area by over stretching the skin. Keep the area moist using a good scar cream. Vitamin E has helped me. Overall good eating habits and great lifestyle choices will help. Stay out of the sun and protect that area very well with sunscreen. Hope this helps.

    1. Striving for an overall healthy lifestyle enhances our healing. Trying to eat well, sleep well and exercise, all promote our wellness. As previously said, gentle massaging and sun avoidance and when unable use of sunscreen are proactive strategies. in addition, Cocoa Butter has been my go-to for scarred skin.

      1. I had surgery 2 months ago and hoping to 1) get my scars to mostly go away and 2) get feeling back in my thigh. Luckily my scars will mostly be hidden with clothes, and even though my husband sees them as a battle scar that had a great outcome, it makes me fearful of my future when I see them.

        1. So glad to hear you had a positive outcome from your surgery! It does take many months to approach that normal feeling again. My melanoma surgery left a scar that was misshapen on one end. It had what my dermatologist called a "dogear" because of the way he had to close it. I have heard several skin cancer patients say wonderful things about using lavender oil on their scars. I haven't tried it myself but have had success with keeping my scars moisturized with lotion and regularly applying sunscreen.

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