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Seborrheic keratosis Difference melanoma

Hello. I had surgery for melanoma just over a year ago for a spot on the back of my thigh. I had a wide excision and a sentinel lymph node biopsy in my groin. It was awful, but all was clear. I was supposed to be having skin checks every 3 months, but haven’t had one since may. I was totally surprised when I saw my back recently As there was a very noticeable spot that has obviously recently changed. To me, it looks almost identical to my melanoma, which had also started to change in similar way. Unfortunately, I can’t get An appt until mid February, and am a bit concerned. When I sent a pic to the doctors office, they said they thought it was Seborrheic keratosis but when I google the characteristics of that it does not match. Wondering if anyone else has any knowledge of the difference deal and why he thought it was that? I actually have two spots but the lighter one I am not concerned ab but the darker one is the one that bas really changed recently and looks like what my melanoma looked like. Spot on back definitely changing color size and shape

  1. Hello, thank you for sharing your thoughts and photo with us. Although we are not able to give medical advice, I can say that if you are not satisfied with any diagnosis that you should try and get a second opinion or be seen again. In my personal experience, I have asked for and gotten a biopsy when I insisted. I applaud you for doing some research as well. It can make all the difference. Hope this helps. Scott moderator

    1. Kudos to you for noticing changes and taking action! I am so sorry you have to wait until February for your appointment. I know how frustrating that can be. Dermatologists can be so difficult to get into.

      Since you have noticed similarities to your previous melanoma, it's important to follow up and see someone in person. I think you are doing the right thing by second-guessing the diagnosis done by photo. It's always best to go with your gut.

      Please keep us updated. We are here for you any time!
      April,, Moderator

      1. thank you!

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