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Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2023: Exploring Fear

Everyone’s skin cancer journey looks different, but one common thread for our community is fear. Fear is a common feeling among those with skin cancer – from fear of the sun to fear of recurrence to fear of the unknown.

What are some of your biggest fears when it comes to skin cancer? Our community is here to connect, share, and support. ❤️

  1. The only thing that bothers me is this curse recurring again and again. And the possibility of metastasize somewhere else, unnoticed until not being discovered until it's too late.

    1. I agree that there is always a concern that this horrible thing will come back and with a vengeance. It is always somewhere in the back of my mind. Scott moderator

  2. At first I was very mad because my family doctor didn't even call back with the results of the biopsy until I called back a week later. Told me it was sebaceous carcinoma, malignant that I had to do something right away. ??? WTF didn't you call me, and I find out 3 days before Christmas???? Fortunately, I found a very good and thorough dermatologist in Houston who agreed to see me during the Christmas vacation for most doctors. Removed that one, found another, removed it, and one a few months later. That was in 2019. As of today, nothing else has been found, and I visit every 4 months. But, as he said keep an eye out, be careful in the sun and have your wife or girlfriend check places you can't see. As of April 2023, clear. But that little demon lives in my head rent free

    1. Thank you for your very interesting reply and for sharing your story with us. I am so glad that you got some help over the holidays that year and that you have been good since. Yes, those events can live with us, if only in our minds. Scott moderator

  3. I live in fear that skin cancer will take my life. And I don’t know anyone who is ready to die. I believe it boils down to being faced with your own mortality. It’s never easy.

    1. Getting it on my face. It’s come close on my neck …

      1. I totally get it. I make much of my living on camera and skin cancer on my face is worrisome. Always on my mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Scott moderator

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