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Skin lump

This was before the biopsy

So about 8 months ago I noticed a strange lump on my forearm that was caused from what I believe was a cat scratch or just by scratching the area. It formed into a hard red lump. 2 months after this I went to the doctor and they did a punch biopsy and the doctor said it was all inflammatory tissue perhaps due to some trauma. They tried all smears and couldn’t find anything bacterial either. He said It was hard to know if it was skin cancer due to some lymphocytes found but he said he highly doubted it specially after no swollen lymph nodes or other symptoms were felt or found. Fast forward to 2 more months after the biopsy and my skin had healed. The lump was completely gone. However I’d notice that from time to time the area would get itchy specially when sleeping with my head on my arm, which caused my beard to rub on it. Every time i scratch it when I get an itch, it swells up all over again and turns red but then disappears every time I stop scratching. Last night this happened to me and it flared into a big lump but it’s gone now. What can this be??? I’d there a possible allergic reaction to something? Is it possible to get it in the exact same spot? Or can this be cancer?

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your situation with us. My best thought on this is to see another physician, if you are not sure what this is or if you are not satisfied with your current treatment. I think a second opinion is often a wise course of action especially if you are not sure what is going on. Hope this helps. Scott skincancer.net moderator

    1. - Thanks for sending your picture. Unfortunately, we can't provide individual medical advice. I echo Scott and agree you probably need a second opinion. If you didn't see a dermatologist or physician that specializes in skin issues the first time, try to schedule an appointment with one this time. Make sure you share this photo if the spot is not inflamed at the time of your visit. Good luck and let us know how it goes! - Kelsey, SkinCancer.net team member

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