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Skin products while using Fluorouracil

Reading conflicting info on products that might be used after application to lessen pain. Some say 2 hours after application, some say apply nothing but the medication. Any help?

  1. for your safety, we cannot offer medical advice since we are not medical professionals. Depending on the treatment and post-treatment therapy your doctor should be able to give instructions tailored for you! I hope everything is going well for you. All my best, Julie (team member)

    1. I've read the same thing. Some say 2 hours after initial application others don't say anything. My dermatologist told me nothing except to have his assistant show me some horrible pictures. And yeah now I look just like them. No warning of the pain, burning, itching and looking like a refugee from a forest fire. Just I'll see you in six months. I will educate him during my next visit. This is unacceptable.

      1. Thanks Julie. I stuck it out and now am about a week into what seems like a really slow healing process. Skin peeling, scabs, some bleeding, a few still very tender spots, but at least the awful itching and burning is better. I pretty much stay slathered in Aquaphor or Eucerin healing creams.

      2. I’m glad the aquaphor is helping with the itching and burning! I hope the rest of your healing continues and improves with each day. Sending continued well wishes, Julie (team member)

    2. I've seen an article about using vasoline or hydrocortisone cream to relieve pain and itching a while after the application. I'm just beginning my 3rd week of treatment and I so dread when it's time to rinse the old off and apply the new. I've accidentally rubbed an itch with the side of my hand and was so surprised to see red areas appear on my hands. So now, when the itchies start, I sit with something in my hand to gently rub the itching area.

      1. The nurse told me that cream wouldn't be affected by gasoline or any pain relieving salve but I still try to wait and let it dry as long as I can.

        1. oops I meant Vasoline.

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