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How to know when you're done with Efudex treatment?

I just ended my third week on my chest and my fifth day on my face. My doctor told me absolutely nothing about treatment, just told me to apply for 3 weeks, no follow up or anything. So I don’t whether to stop at 3 weeks on my chest. It is uncomfortable, itches like crazy and keeps me up st night. But there is no big blisters or weeping from the spots on my chest. My whole is covered with spots that have scabs on them but I don’t think it’s erosion, help! Should I stop? My doctor has not gotten back with me so I’m in limbo, any suggestions?

  1. @salzwedel...I'm sorry you're having to deal with this treatment. It's definitely a rough one. It seems pretty typical for doctors to not give us much information on the side effects. Even the length of time you need to apply varies from one person to the next. If I had to guess, I'd say you would need to continue to until you see seeping. I've treated several times, and I'm always told to treat until I see cracking and seeping. I know it's hard. I use benadryl at night to get some rest and Tylenol through the day to ease the pain. Try using cold packs, too. They help relieve some of the heat and pain. Don't hesitate to check in with your doctor or his/her nurse if you aren't sure about stopping. They may ask you to send a picture of your progress or drop by to let them see the area. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Hang in there. You're close to the end now! April, Skincancer.net, Moderator

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