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Mohs surgery twice on the lower lip?

I had mohs surgery on my lower lip about 4 years ago. Huge hole cut out and stitched back up. I have been going back to derm to have spots on the lower lip frozen ever since. Has anyone had mohs on lower lip? Have you had mohs done twice? I am wondering if i need to have it biopsied again (but don't want to bc of hole in lip). Maybe it is actinic keratosis. I wish the mohs surgeon could biopsy and then test there and stich back up at one time, but they don't do that. Have to be referred by derm. I'm mid 40's now! Is this going to kill me? 😀

  1. Just popping in to add a link to this conversation about treating skin cancer on the lips where a few people replied to 's question. Didn't want anyone looking for information about Mohs' surgery on the lips to miss it! -Eileen, Team

    1. What does your dermatologist recommend? The fact that it keeps returning is a pretty good sign that further investigation is required. If that happens, you should also talk to a plastic surgeon. A dear friend of mine had MOHS once on the lower lip but, like you, the doctor had to continue freezing the spot. The plastic surgeon did a wonderful job with the repair. Good luck!

      1. She continues to freeze and said she is happy I didn’t wait and went in after two months. I guess we will see how long it takes for the spot to come back. If it is quick, I agree that it needs to be biopsied. Although, if it is biopsied and nothing found, will that hole fill in on its own when healing? Or left with a hole?

        1. Thank you for your reply, ! We've heard good things about the work of plastic surgeons when it comes to the surgery itself. Jimmyd, I would hope they wouldn't cause a hole to form, but that might be something to ask beforehand to make sure. I'm glad you didn't wait, after she said that! Hopefully there's some more permanent solution that can be effectively fixed, if it does come back. - Nina, Team

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