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Treating Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Injeyof 5-FU

I begin a treatment this week with 5-Floroucil injections for squamous cell carcinoma on my left shin. All of the information I find is about the cream. I plan on talking to my Dermotologist about the treatment but would like to hear from others their side effects and expend the injections and how many and for how long they had to take them.

  1. The Dermatologists will tell you some info, but everyone’s reaction is different. Look online at some pictures of reactions to Efudex. If it’s your left shin the cream will be easy to apply. I’ve had a couple headaches/itching, that’s about it after two wks. of application to my face and chest.

    1. Do you mean IV infusions or will it be injected directly to your shin? I have been offered a choice of IV or oral.

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