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Treatment of Lips

Hi All, I recently completed a 5 day course of eufidix + the cream to speed up the process on my face. After being to the Dermatologist for review she has said to do the same treatment on my lips once a day for 5 days. Has anyone done this treatment on their lips? The chemist said thats not usually done as your lips have a membrane. Should I do this treatment or seek a second option? Thanks so much!

  1. I can understand your apprehension in regards to treating your lip. When it comes to your health, you are your own best advocate. If you’re unsure about a recommended treatment, I believe second opinions can be helpful. I also wanted to share a forum discussion where others in the community have shared a bit of their experience treating the lip area Please reach out anytime if we can help answer any questions. We’re here for you! All my best, Julie (team member)

    1. Hi there! I had to use that on my top left lipline - I was pretty scared it would reshape my lips, but once read up I went ahead and did it, and it turned out FINE! I've been told several times that this treatment will not do anything to healthy skin it will only treat the bad part and I can tell you it didn't change my lips at all. Best wishes to you! It's great that we have a forum to share our experiences isn't it?

      1. I am happy to say the treatment on my lips is completed and I dont have to do it now for 2 years. The first 5 days while applying the cream was fine, by I had a severe reaction on my bottom lip due to the amount of sun damage from years of neglecting to use sunscreen. I am so happy to have done the treatment as the alternative just doesn't bear thinking about!! Thanks for providing such a great place for all the support and information xx

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