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How do I know if I should get a weird mole checked out?

  1. Great question! It is a good idea to have a dermatologist look at any moles or spots on your skin that look unusual or are out of the ordinary. If anything, this will give you peace of mind. And if it does turn out to be skin cancer, this will aid in early detection and treatment.

    1. If it's weird, have it checked out. If something has changed, have it checked out. Get friends or family to check in places that you cannot see. A good rule of thumb that I follow is if in doubt, get it checked out. Getting it looked at will serve as a good benchmark for future checkups.

      1. I believe the key word in this question is "weird". Being our own health advocate is our best defense against injury, disease and illness. Trusting our own observations and concerns is a prime indicator for further follow up. At best, it marks a baseline to measure in future. At worst, it is early recognition enabling early and perhaps less invasive treatment. For general health, I am a proponent of regular annual, (or more frequent as needed), check ups, as well!
        Good health is our wealth!

        1. Because skin cancer has no single "look," it is important to have suspicious or changing spots checked by a family doctor or dermatologist. Most family doctors or nurse practitioners will remove spots of concern and have them biopsied for you. They can then refer you to a dermatologist for follow-up care or further advice.

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