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What do you look for when you do a self check?

I feel like I have to look at more than just a mole changing. The more I understand skin cancer the more I realize that when anything changes in my skin, I need to be aware.

  1. I am not really sure. My dermatologist gave me some paperwork to assist, but my confidence in picking out skin cancer is not good. Perhaps my confidence will be better with more experience.

    1. I am sure it will. Scott moderator

  2. this is something I'm wrestling with now that I've had three recent MOHS and 3 more biopsies. Wondering if I'll become a nervous Nellie about every spot. Two of my biopsies were in areas I do not even see! Both came back "suspicious but wait and see." HUH, wait for what. . .to see what? Oy vey!

    1. oy vey is right! I don’t like waiting on things that are suspicious. Scott moderator

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