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What has been the hardest thing about having skin cancer?

There are so many things that weigh on me with regard to skin cancer. What has been hardest for you?

  1. My sense now that I am not safe and secure. I always felt safe before my skin issues. Now, it seems like feeling safe is a real issue for me. I hear folks on here say they go to the beach, etc. I am certainly envious because I do not think that will ever feel safe again for me. Perhaps in time, but no time soon.

    1. I completely understand. I have been in your shoes and at times still am. Thanks for sharing. Scott moderator

  2. The hardest thing is difficult to say because there are many things that are hard to deal with about skin cancer. First I would say the surgeries are the hardest part. Second I would say is that it’s really hard to deal with anyone who doesn’t take skin cancer seriously.

    1. I agree it makes me very unhappy when people make light of skin cancer. It’s very upsetting for sure.

    2. Thank you for your reply. Those are some things that I don’t like either, especially dealing with those who don’t understand. That grates on me. Scott moderator

  3. The hardest part is knowing nothing is “cured” and will always return. In the last 25 years, I’ve survived thyroid and prostate cancer, numerous colon polyps, and lost track of the skin cancer removal sites.

    1. Thank you for sharing you thoughts. I understand how this seems (and is) a never ending deal. It can be so exhausting, right? I am sorry for your health issues and hope great things for you. Scott moderator

  4. I had BCC removed from my eyelid a few months ago and I’m only 26 yo. The hardest thing for me have been dealing with nightmares about developing more BCC or even melanoma one day 😞also every dermatologist visit ending up with biopsy makes me super anxious.

    1. I am so glad to hear that.

    2. Super happy that you feel supported. We all need other folks at times who understand what we are going through. Scott moderator

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