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What part of the body are you most concerned about getting sun damage?

My dermatologist recently told me that I had sun damage on my calves. That has stuck with me. What areas of your body concern you the most?

  1. I am most concerned about my face. Four surgeries so far. And it’s what the world sees most. I can cover many/most parts of my body, but I don’t see that I have that option really when it comes to my face.

    1. I am concerned about everywhere. I have had surgeries on my calf, shoulder and back.

      1. I guess I am the same as well. Scott moderator

    2. my mother had surgery to her shin, so did a friend and so did I, and now my brother too. Why on earth would that be ?

      1. That seems so curious. I wouldn't know why that would be. How are you doing? Scott moderator

    3. I can only think it is a spot that is exposed, liable to get bumped, but also wonder if the fact that the skin there is pulled tight on the bone is a factor.

      1. I would be interested in finding out what you ultimately discover. Scott moderator

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