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What was your first sign?

What was your first sign that you had a skin issue—that was later determined to be skin cancer? For me, I had a very unusual growth on my bottom lip, and it arose out of the blue.

  1. For me it was a mole I have Alesha’s started growing and changing (getting bigger, lumpy).

    1. This is good to share because so much of what I have read involves mainly shape and size and rarely is a third dimension (growth upward) discussed or described. Thank you for sharing. Scott moderator

    2. I appreciate you letting me know that. That makes sense why it was not easily diagnosed.

  2. I feel foolish now., but I’ve had spots removed before and thought they’d just cut it out and I’d be fine. Then I started thinking what if it’s skin cancer and looked up dermatologists that preformed Mohs just in case it was skin cancer. Well it was skin cancer and it couldn’t be excised using Mohs. I didn’t really know much about Melanoma until it happened to me. My grandfather actually died from it. I was younger and never gave it much thought until my diagnosis.

    1. why couldnt it be excised with Mohs?

    2. Why couldnt it be excised using Mohs?

  3. My dermatologist thought it was too deep and she wanted me to also have a lymph node biopsy.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. What was the result of the biopsy? Scott moderator

  4. They took two and one was positive for Melanoma. ☹️

    1. I am sorry for that day. I know it was hard for me when I was diagnosed. Were you able to get it treated quickly? Scott moderator

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