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Who encourages you the most in your efforts to manage your sun exposure?

We all need people to support us in our efforts to manage our sun exposure, who is yours?

  1. my "skin cancer friends" --- always! April,, Moderator

    1. My husband and son encourage me the most.

      1. Sending you my best wishes! We will be waiting to hear that good report. 😊

      2. Will be hoping for great results for you. Please let us know how things go. Scott moderator

    2. My best friend Myles. I don’t think he really understands it all, but he is supportive because he knows it’s important. It is to my health and important to me on a personal level also.

      1. Well, I am glad that you have someone there to support you. We all need those folks in our lives and I am happy that you have Myles. Scott moderator

      2. Thank you! I appreciate that.

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