Protecting Yourself While Still Living Life to the Fullest

Awareness, for some, means wanting to protect yourself, as well as those around you, from the sun as much as possible. Other versions of awareness for those living with the condition center around living life to the fullest, despite the condition.

Sun awareness

“Awareness means visiting my dermatologist, knowing my skin, using sunscreen liberally and faithfully, and enjoying every day to the fullest.”

More from Ronni on enjoying life while being sun safe.

“Never take your skin for granted protect it and yourself.”

More from Judy on not taking healthy skin for granted.

Awareness by making the most of the condition

“It means I’m going to live! I had stage 4 metastasized melanoma that spread everywhere, and I had 8 months to live when I was told that. Today I’m all clear but because of the severity of it, I’ll have to be on immunotherapy for the rest of my life - BUT I’LL TAKE IT!”

More from TJ on immunotherapy as a breakthrough in treatment.

“For me, awareness is being open with my melanoma journey.”

April on life lessons after many skin cancers.

Awareness by living life to the fullest

“Taking things one day at a time, taking care of your health more seriously, enjoying each day, and loving one another.”

More on living in spite of recurrence risks.

“Melanoma smacked me down and woke me up. Now I live like it’s my last day.”

More from Scott on the new approach he found to life.

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