Living with Efudex: The Price of Tanning

Efudex is an integral part of many skin cancer patients' lives. Many of those who have been introduced to it know well its side effects, the discomfort, and the ultimate success it has with removing actinic keratoses from the skin.

This summer, I kept a journal of my experiences as I treated my face with Efudex. I am reminded each year as I cycle through treatments for recurring precancerous spots on my chest that my history of tanning outdoors and in tanning beds contributed greatly to my current situation. Encouraging others to avoid tanning is a little easier if you show them the impact of ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) firsthand.

Showing how tanning was never worth it

The following video, though difficult to watch, serves to let others know that tanning never was and never will be worth the damage it causes later in life.


Wear sunscreen. Put it on your babies. Let your babies see you put it on yourself.

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