Has anyone had a spot removed from the bottom eyelid?

I have a new freckle that popped up on my eyelid last October. During my skin check my dermatologist instructed me to watch it for any changes since it’s a complicated area to do a biopsy on. I now noticed a very small flesh colored part in the middle of the brown spot almost 4 months later.

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  1. smerri says:

    I recently had a biopsy and surgery done next to my eye. Both were done under general anesthesia by a plastic surgeon. Biopsy showed postive nodular BCC surgery required flap recontruction from upper eyelid. I have healed well and camcer is gone. Hope this helps!

  2. Judy Cloud moderator says:

    @smerri Thank you for sharing! Being so close to your eye sounds scary; I’m so glad you’ve healed well and the cancer is gone!
    Judy, SkinCancer.net Moderator

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