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Sick of Skin Cancer

Last updated: July 2020

I am 69. I retired to Florida almost 4 years ago. I have been plagued with skin cancer including melanoma. It started showing up just after 2 years here. I have had squamous on my left ear. 6 months later, there were 4 more on left arm, and 2 on my right arm. The one on my right upper arm was melanoma. I had the surgery for that, and was knocked out for the surgery. Last month, I had the derm check. I had 2 biopsies and 1 came back negative. Another on my left hand was positive squamous cell carcinoma. That one had itched something terrible.

Now 3 weeks later on my forehead. A rather large raised mole has appeared. Rather pearly light brown color. My primary care doctor says it looks angry, and I am to see derm on Jan 14. This one came out of no where, and is about an inch wide. I agree it looks angry. Much worse than any I have seen on myself. In fact, it appears to be getting bigger.

I don't know if Florida is the cause, or living here makes it worse. I am always covered up, even before these diagnoses. I was definitely not laying out in the sun. However it's not an enjoyable way to live in this hot climate. I wear nothing but UV 40 long sleeve shirts, and big brimmed hats, sunglasses. My time is next to none in the sun.

I'm miserable. I can't make proper plans to leave, with constant outbreaks. I'm afraid to be away from this dermatologist. I am not going to retire in a sunny hot place, with this problem. If I could at least get a year without new ones showing up. So I could relocate, and get new doctors. I'm not getting that luxury.

It's obvious for some of us. When these cancers start, they keep reappearing in various areas. Mine seem to be accelerating.

Anyway that's my story. Thanks for listening. Hope others have a much easier journey with skin cancer.

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