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Has anyone else had marks on their scalp and what did it look like?

Question from the community: I had a question if anyone else has had marks on their scalp and what it looked like? I am watching two different spots (one has changed from a light tan, to a light brown color, and the other from light pink to light red.. over a year's time) - neither spot is ugly looking. Derm said both look fine... but it makes me wonder since both have changed pigment.

  1. You are right to be concerned about changing moles, lesions, or spots on the skin. Not every changing spot is cancerous, but changes in symmetry, border, color, diameter, and the evolution of the spot are all key things about which to remain vigilant. I would continue to watch the area and note changes (even if it is on the scalp and covered by hair), taking pictures if at all possible. A second opinion is never out of the question. Go with your gut. If it feels at all suspicious to you, have another doctor check it or ask specifically for a biopsy. Here's an article that may interest you on what to watch for regarding changes. Best of luck! Please keep us posted! April,, Moderator

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