Second Skin Cancer Experience

I’m 59, in 2013 I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on my neck from a mole that was removed. I was misdiagnosed initially and after it returned two years later; I was told what it was. I had the surgery with wide local excision and I have been closely monitored for 5 years. I got the all clear!! I was elated as you can imagine.

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I experienced ignorance from people who would say ‘well at least it’s not one of the major cancers’!! I used my cancer survivor mode to educate these very people by being open and honest about skin cancers.

Here we go again

Unfortunately, this year I have been diagnosed with Squamous cell cancer of the anus, this is not related to my first skin cancer. Due to where it is I had chemo/radiotherapy treatments and hopefully this will turn out well once I am re-scanned. I just want to share my experiences with being a skin cancer survivor and going through another type of cancer. Never ever leave anything to chance, if you have noticed anything on your skin or just don’t feel right about something definitely go and get it checked. If you are still not happy get a second opinion, after all it’s your LIFE we are talking about, no one else’s and most of these cancers are treatable if caught early!! Even malignant melanoma.

Hope that helps, best wishes to you all that are either starting your journey or on it. 🙏🌻😊😎

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