Squamous Cell

Unaware of the sun's threat

When I was young sadly enough many people didn't use sun tan lotion to protect their skin from the rays of the sun. I was always the outdoors type and spent many hours outdoors with no sun screen protection, at the beach etc. no protection whatsoever. Back then people didn't realize the effects from the sun and sun radiation on the skin.

A changing lifestyle after the diagnosis

Last year I had to have a squamous cell removed from my left cheek, I was lucky as it was a level one and the doctor removed all the cancer cells. My first and hope my last!

I will not go outdoors without suntan lotion or wearing a hat. I see the dermatologist every six months and will for the rest of my life for a complete skin check. I am very protective of the sun since my operation to remove the squamous cell cancer on my face.

Looking back & words of advice

I remember when the nurse called me and told me I had skin cancer, it was like a punch in the stomach. I was in shock! I made the appointment with the surgeon and had the operation, thank God. The cancer was caught early and hadn't spread.

Please if you see any suspicious spot on your skin and you know that it doesn't look right don't wait, get it checked as soon as possible.

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