A Story of Loss

I noticed an odd mole on my husband George's shoulder in 2009. With some urging, he went to the dermatologist who knew immediately that it was melanoma. He had 2 surgeries, including a lymph removal and was cleared.

A lump under his arm

Over the course of the next few years he had Mohs surgeries and 2 more melanoma's removed. On Memorial Day weekend of 2013 (he was 50), he woke up with a large lump under his arm. Stage IV melanoma was in 14 lymph nodes (which were removed), spleen, spine, shoulder, and gallbladder.

He had one treatment of Yervoy. My husband was one of the 10% that reacted to the medication that caused his body to move into overdrive and attack his organs. He passed away on July 27, 2013 - 6 weeks after diagnosis.

Treasuring and protecting my children

My two children, who are now 23 and 20, have beautiful, porcelain skin are sunscreen professionals. In addition, they speak very frankly to their friends about their use of tanning beds and lack of sunscreen use. I am happy to say that it seems kids today are more educated about the importance of sunscreen.

I'm sorry to have to share a sad story, however, I also wanted to share that my kids are healthy and visit the derm twice a year.

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