Never Give Up

It's been a year ago this month that I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I was shocked and scared but had to cry it out and accept what it is and deal with it. For 10 years earlier I was noticing "spots" on my arms and legs. They were covered in these "spots" and they were spreading. I was convinced they were just scars or scratches from working outside or my puppies.

What led to my skin cancer diagnosis

I was always a sun lover since I was a teenager. I love the tanning beds as well. Always unprotected. I knew I needed to see a dermatologist when family and friends started making comments like, "Eww what's that on your legs?" or "Looks like you got into a weed patch". Not only was I embarrassed but I became ashamed and self-conscious. So I made the dermatology appointment.

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Time to try fluorouracil treatment

I was one of the worst cases she had to deal with, that's how severe I am/was. We did the Aretina and it had no positive effects. Then I started the chemo treatment, Fluorouracil. It helped a small amount. We were treating from 30-50 lesions on each arm and leg so it was very, very extensive.

This is now round three of my chemo. I had the worst, most painful reaction. My skin hurt, my joints were inflamed. I was tired and my skin was on fire and blistered. I couldn't even bare to take a bath because of the pain. I made an emergency appointment to show the doctor what I was experiencing and prepare myself for the worst news.

A successful fluorouracil treatment

She came in, did her exam and had the biggest smile. She informed me this is exactly what she had been waiting for. My treatments are working. The results of all the blistering is... OMG, I am growing beautiful new skin. NEW SKIN. She was so pleased and I wanted to cry. I went from being horribly covered in lesions to now hardly anything. I am now so conscious about how I take care of myself. I always always sun screen, stay out of the sun, and wear protective clothing, hats, and the highest SPF.

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