SCC Treatment Side Effects

Hi, I have been dealing with this form of skin cancer for about 8 years now. I just finished 15 radiation treatments on my left ankle and right shin bone. The treatments went well, but the pain now from my ankle is very bad and swollen and I can't walk much. It also has started to drain. I have had many biopsies and even Mohs surgery on top of right foot and more radiation on the bottom of my right foot. That was not fun. It formed a huge bubble and took along time to heal. I have used every cream available to stop the Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancer) from getting to the point of biopsy and treatments.

The worse thing I find are the freezing needles they are to me the most painful part of the treatment. Most of mine are on my feet. I wish they could use a pre-freeze cream like the dentist to help me out with the needle pain, please create something soon!

Please people use your sunscreen and stay far away from tanning beds!! I think the cancer on my feet are from the tanning beds. The doctors have never seen squamous cell on the bottom of a foot before, I was the first for them. They are pretty sure it was from the beds with my feet down on top of the lights, so stay away it was painful. As for now I'm healing again, waiting for the day I can put a shoe on and walk and enjoy doing normal things again. I have many more spots to go, but always on top of my doctor visits and creams, freezing sprays and watching for the next one. Yes, sadly, I know I will have many more. Thanks, that is my story.

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