Waiting for Results

Imagine my surprise when a routine follow up visit to my Dermatologist resulted in a biopsy to rule out squamous cell carcinoma!

As a Contributor and Moderator to our newly launched website, I never thought I would actually be on the patient end as well!

At the doctor’s office, the words fell so easily from his lips and landed oh! so hard on my ears!
He was speaking, I saw his lips moving, but my mind was clogged with all kinds of notions.

As a nurse, I am familiar with the scenario of possibilities and procedures. I always try to put myself in
the patient’s role so I can render gentle and appropriate care.

However, the timing of this was brutal. But, is it ever a good time? I am about to retire and have all kinds of plans and opportunities for more time for family. Now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on top of all that.

As many of you, I am sure, we can busy ourselves with day to day activities, but in the quiet of the night, waves of thoughts flood my head. I can do this only a few more days until I learn the results…

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