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  • By CanadianGuy

    Hi there, I’m at day 12 of a ‘2 to 3 week treatment’ for a precancer and I suffer a lot. Yeah I know, it is what it is. My question is: is it ok if I stop after 2 weeks? My skin is swollen just below my right eye. I’ve been told to stop when my skin shows like a crust but I can’t say if it is a crust or just heavy dry skin?

  • By NinaHU Keymaster

    Hi @canadianguy! I’m really glad you reached out to ask about this. We have a lot of community members here talking about Efudex, and there are many grey areas like this where you’re not sure if it’s done its work.

    This is one place to post, where some members have been talking about Efudex:

    Another great resource, as we can’t really advise you ourselves, is our advocate April Pulliam who talks about each stage of the process here: It includes pictures that might be useful. Of course, each body is different, and if you’re really looking for a yes or no, you might want to reach out to your doc or a PA.

    Hope this helps you! – Nina, Team