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Nerve Regeneration following MOHS

  • By KRO73

    Re: my best friend’s recovery.
    It’s now over 3 months since the MOHS surgery on his face. It’s going well, with one exception: shooting pain (we call them “zingers”) that have been keeping him awake most nights lately. We realize it’s nerve regeneration (which is a good thing) but looking for suggestions on how to calm it down so he can get some sleep. Any help is appreciated.

  • By edugatr

    When the zingers happen, I’m guessing he has trouble falling back asleep? Is the pain long lasting? Or a sharp
    Zap then dull ache?

    If it stays, tell dr. Could be nerve damage.

    If odd tingly – might be RSD – as the fibers are rebuilding.

    Seems like the key is fully back asleep? I use guided meditations through ear buds.

    You google it – download for free usually. Takes my mind off pain and everything else and gets me back to sleep. I love ones about finding peace or vitality – with waterfalls.

    Good luck. This is my third go-round. I wish you success in whatever form it presents itself you.

  • By Barbara

    to @kro73: Did you ever receive any useful suggestions for dealing with the “zinger” nerve pain post-MOHS surgery? I’m asking for a relative who is about one-month post-surgical, gets a really serious jolt of pain whenever she moves the affected area.