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Should I be worried?

  • By Lvnred

    If you look at my profile pic you’ll see that on my eye I have this pearl shaped waxy looking bump. It appeared almost a year ago. I now I have another one right on the tear duct that’s starting. You can barely see it in the pic. I’m worried bc I don’t have insurance and so I don’t know if this could be cancer or not. Any advice?

  • By NinaHU Keymaster

    Hello @lvnred, thank you for sharing this concern with us! While we can’t provide medical advice, I can link you to a couple of articles about the eyelid and skin cancer.

    This article talks about sebaceous carcinoma, which can appear on the eyelid. Keep in mind that there are a variety of growths that can appear on the eyelid as well:

    Finally, this one from the American Academy of Dermatology has a picture of one example of sebaceous carcinoma:

    Also, @zero2cat mentioned having treatment on their eyelid, as did @smerri. Perhaps they can speak to their experience, if comfortable.

    Wishing you luck. I know these derm visits can be very expensive, but we do encourage you to seek a professional opinion too!
    – Nina, Team

  • By smerri

    I had basil cell removed from the corner of eye almost a year ago.

    I would definitely find a way to have your eye checked by a medical professional. You might want to start with your general practitioner for advice.

    You need to be looked at. Skin cancer is serious especially by your eye. I wish you well.