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Can I ask a derm for a more thorough skin check?

We've heard of community members having to ask for a look at their scalp or more private areas. Have you ever had to ask for a more thorough skin check? What should you say?

  1. You can absolutely ask for a more thorough skin check! We've heard from two members who asked their derms to check a suspicious mole "down below" on genital areas. It can be easier to bring up if you have a spot in mind you'd like to have checked. But even if you don't, your derm should be willing to check everywhere.

    We've also heard from a derm that they might not want to scare their patient by overstepping. Although it would be great if all derms suggested these things, you might have to take the initiative. As many a skin cancer survivor has said, you have to be your own advocate!

    More on spots in unexpected places and skin checks to detect them here: - Nina, Team

    1. I've found that my dermatologist usually closes out by asking if I have any specific concerns. That's a great opportunity to ask for a more thorough skin check. However, I realize not all physicians take that kind of tine with patients. Don't ever be afraid to advocate for yourself. You are your own best defender in this fight! If a doctor balks at your requests, it might be time to ask for recommendations from friends and family for a new one. April,, Moderator

      1. I am happy that my dermatologist always tells me to remind him at the next visit to to a head to toe exam.

        1. That sounds like good communication, ! I'm glad it's a partnership. Thanks for commenting! - Nina, Team

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