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Basal Cell Carcinoma vs Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Hi..I've been trying to get an appointment with dermatologist however their computers are down for two days now. So I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out if this small, dome shaped, clear thingy next to crease of nose is cancer? I noticed it maybe two months ago. Looking at it with a magnifier it has a tiny indent. A few weeks ago I noticed a speck of blood and dabbed with a tissue. Just a TINY bit from middle. So I thought whatever it was will heal . But the dome, clear with center indent is still there. Not noticeable to others so it's very small. I'm 61 with fair skin and yes quilty of much sun exposure without sunscreen . Anyway to tell the difference between just harmless sebaceous hyperplasia since photos I've seen look so similar to basal cell? Thank you.

  1. Dear @trishy22, I'm sorry you're stuck in this limbo not knowing what it is you have. The time before the derm visit can be the most stressful with so much uncertainty. I wish I could give you a medical opinion, but unfortunately we aren't qualified. I did post this question to our Facebook page where folks sometimes weigh in. I'm also sharing this article that talks about common signs and appearances of basal cell carcinoma: https://skincancer.net/types-signs/basal-cell-carcinoma-look-like/. I hope you'll let us know how things go and that you get in to your derm very soon. Thinking of you! - Nina, SkinCancer.net Team

    1. Thank you for replying and sharing my question on f/b. I'd feel better knowing that at least I have an appointment circled on calendar. I know his appointments are at times booked up for weeks which is causing much anxiety. Went through the same thing a few years ago with breast biopsies. The waiting is the hardest part. Keeping hopes up it's just another strange thingy that pops up as we age.

    2. @trishy22, exactly, it's the time you have to wonder what it could be and imagine the worst case scenario. I'm sharing some comments from Facebook here:

      "That’s exactly where mine was located. It looked like a flesh colored mole next to my nose in the crease. It was cancer and I had Mohs surgery. Still recovering."

      "Yes they are a real pain when let go to long. Working on 12 on my back, 1 inner thigh, 3 on face"

      "Better a biopsy now than a bigger procedure later, because you waited. If your dermatologist’s office is not encouraging you to check anything that worries you, I would change docs."

      "Go to a dermatologist and find out for sure. They are much easier to deal with small than to let them grow for months."

      Some of them might not know you're currently waiting for an appointment. It's certainly easier said than done when it comes to being seen.

      Have you gotten an appointment yet? I hope so! - Nina, SkinCancer.net Team

  2. Hi there, just want to know have you gotten the appointment with the dermatologist? If yes then what are the results of diagnosis?
    Well,incorrect diagnosis can lead to inappropriate surgery. So, it is very important to get the right diagnosis and the right treatment as per your disease on time. I'd suggest consulting with the best specialist regarding the best treatment option properly. Get the treatment immediately to cure the disease.
    Best wishes!

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