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Basal Cell on Scalp and Forehead

I went to dermatologist for a sore that didn't heal on my forehead. Biopsy came back basal cell. He did a complete body scan and found another on my scalp. Biopsy also came back basal cell. I have Mohs scheduled for 9-11-19. I am totally scared that my scalp since it is old will be deep and massive on the outside it is maybe 1/2 inch.. He told me the scalp one has been there for a long while. If it was aggressive or deep would the biopsy have told him that? I had to wait a month for Mohs they are So busy. Thanks

  1. That's definitely a question for your dermatologist, . I'm sorry, I wish I could put your mind at ease, but we're not medical professionals. Meanwhile, I'll share some information about basal cell carcinoma (BCC) you might find helpful.

    This article covers the types and treatments of basal cell carcinoma and this one is about the stages of BCC. Lastly, here's one community member's personal story of being treated for aggressive basal cell.

    The odds are favorable that your BCC isn't advanced; BCC is locally advanced in 0.8% of cases, and metastatic in 0.04% of cases. There's no reason to live with the anxiety until your Mohs' sugery next month, so I hope you can reach out to your dermatologist to ask about the staging of your BCC? (Questions like that can often be handled by medical staffers over the phone, or they can mail/email you the actual lab test results.)

    Best of luck, visit us any time you want to chat, lots of people here know what you're going through! -Eileen, Team

    1. Hi , in addition to Eileen's excellent tips and resources, I wanted to share what folks on Facebook said. Here's the link in case you're on FB yourself:

      "Do not wait for any dr to treat you. Go to an oncology plastic surgeon. Insurance covers."

      "It will look bad for about a week and should heal just fine. I had my lower eyelid removed due to a basal cell. I had to grow a new one by stitching my upper lid into the vacant space for a month. You can't even tell now, except for no lashes. Don't forget to wear hats and sunglasses. I've had several melanoma surgeries but nothing compared to this eye one. Good luck, you should do fine."

      "This post fits me to a T. I just do not like the needles they give you. They sure hurt. At least on the head it can be covered up with your hair and so can the scars on your forehead. I did not have plastic surgery. I do not think my insurance will pay for that."

      "Ive had many face and body surgeries deep and long. A good derm surgeon will stitch you where the scar is minimal once healed."

      "Make sure you have a plastic surgeon close and not the dermatologist"

      "I have had Basal Cell treatment, and it was easy. The Plastic Surgeon knew the tricks of the trade, and I look GREATER than a cold watermelon on the 4th of July ~"

      I hope you'll let us know how things go for you! - Nina, Team

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