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Biopsy on face to prevent / minimize scarring? (potential basal)

Hi guys,

I think I might have a basal growth on my forehead. It's pretty small. I want to get a biopsy to confirm and this was recommended from the dermatologist, but I am concerned about the biopsy legion scarring. Is there a specific kind of biopsy that is minimally invasive that I should seek out to get an accurate reading but prevent and/or minimize scarring? I saw that Fine needle aspiration (FNA) is a thing but not sure if that can be done in this situation. Any recommendations are appreciated, thank you.

  1. I had skin cancer on my face, and I ran everything, including biopsy, through a plastic surgeon. The dermatologist said to me that was the best way to protect my face. I ended up having 4 surgeries on my face, and the scars on my face are minimal. Good luck!

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