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Are you concerned about skin cancer during the colder months?

Colder months mean more indoor events and being covered up when we are out. Do you still think about skin cancer during this time of the year?

  1. I think about it all year.

    1. As do I. Thank you for your reply. Scott team member

    2. I hear that!

  2. ...I am not outdoors as much in the colder months, but I catch myself thinking about staying covered when I am driving and the sun is beating down on my arms and face through the car windows. Sunscreen 365 days year!

    April,, Moderator

    1. I take one day off, so it's 364 days a year!!! Scott team member

  3. I saw this post in the forum, and it made me think. Most of my spots/biopsies/surgeries have been in the winter and early spring...Not sure what this means, but it's worth noting. April,, Moderator

    1. hmm. I never thought about the seasonality of treatments. I am wondering if after the summer season more lesions/issues present themselves. Interesting. Scott moderator

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