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Anyone tried Efudex with Calcipotriene?

Anyone try Efudex with Calcipotriene in large area of legs to dry and address multiple AKs? Thanks and happy holidays!!

  1. Hi , in addition to any community comments here, this post is by an author who has used the combination on hands for AKs - https://skincancer.net/life-with-skin-cancer/hands-self-conscious/ have you discussed with your doctor or care team as well if concerned or with additional questions as well? Thinking of you! Best, Margot, SkinCancer.net Team

    1. Hi , I'm the one who wrote that post. Now I'm using it again on my face. That seems to be the way many dermatologists are going. It's definitely quicker. I haven't done research on it since I'm not a scientist but I think compliance might be better because it's for a shorter amount of time. Here's something that I read about it. https://www.aad.org/dw/dw-insights-and-inquiries/2019-archive/september/calcipotriene-and-5-fluorouracil

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