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Efudex on Lips

Will begin treatment next week. What do I use to brush teeth and floss without it touching my lips?

  1. @atiffany...I am sorry you are dealing with Efudex--especially the lip area. That is a truly difficult area to treat. I have treated my lips in the past but only the lipline and not the lips themselves.

    I would suggest that you brush and floss prior to each application to avoid touching the cream itself. For example, if you are applying twice a day, I suggest you brush and floss in the morning before you apply the first application of the day. At night, I would apply the cream about an hour before bed after you have brushed/flossed again. It may become increasingly difficult to brush if your lips grow tender. I find it easier to get all my self-care done right after I shower before my skin becomes dry.

    I am not sure how large of an area you are treating, but you might find using a little Vaseline at the edges of the treatment area. This should serve as a barrier to keep the cream from spreading areas you don't want to treat.

    I am including an article I wrote on my lip treatment. Most of the piece deals with my spot treatment and how I dealt with it as a teacher, but there are some photos that will give you and idea of what to expect as you progress.


    Here's an article with some tips you might find helpful as well.


    Treating any area on your face is a challenge, but we are here for you. Please reach out to us if you need us! April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

    1. Hi April,
      Thank you for the response. I am day 2 so I don't have a lot going on but can I wash my lips after I eat. I am doing the 5FU solution once a day a few hours before I go to bed. Also, because I am at the beginning would I be able to have an alcohol beverage over days 2-5?
      Thank you.

      1. @atiffany...I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I would definitely check with my doctor before drinking. My guess is that it would be best to steer clear of alcoholic beverages while treating, but your doctor or nurse can give your best guidance on that.

        I hope you have been able to make it through your treatment without too many problems so far. The lips are such a tricky area. How are you progressing? Are you able to eat and drink without too much pain?

        I am including an article on what to expect after the treatment has ended and healing begins.


        Hoping you are nearing the end of treatment and getting some great results! April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

      2. Hi April,
        Day 13 once a day lower lip...very crusty, burns a little. He would like me to do 21 days if I can tolerate it. I have a feeling after this I will have to do upper lip! I have also been following the FB support group that you said was helpful. Thank you for your help. Still so little out there on the lip!

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