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Experience with using Fluorour (Efudex) on hands/arms

I am just looking for a little support
I am on my 13th day of treatment on my arms and hands
I am grateful and hopeful for this treatment to take care of the many pre-cancer/cancer spots I have on my arms and hands.
I have heard all of the horror stories about treatment and appreciate it since I am living that difficult nightmare of sorts
I was just wondering if there are stories of great results?? It has been hard to find before and after photos
Any suggestions/tips or experiences from those who have gone through this would be appreciated and maybe some positive outcome stories or pics would be great!!

  1. Hi, I used antihistamines to help me sleep and cope with the itching at night.

    1. Thanks for the tip for our community. Scott moderator

  2. Thank you!! That is a great idea!! I really appreciate the tip! Did you have good results?

    1. I have used this cream several times and had great results. It is not an easy treatment by any means, but it has been worth it. I am including a few articles that might help.

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      April,, Moderator

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