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Going to doctor this week

Mole size a little bigger then a dime

Seen mole is does not look right going to dr next week. Very nervous.

  1. I completely understand your nervousness. I am glad you have made the decision to see a doctor as it looks like your mole shows some of the irregularities noted in the ABCDEs of what to watch for during skin examines. I am attaching an article that explains these signs in a little more depth. It can be difficult to know what is harmless and what needs to be biopsied. It is highly likely that your doctor will take a biopsy unless he/she finds that this spot is harmless. I am also including an article on the different types of skin biopsies. It might help you know what to expect as you prepare for your visit. Please know we are here for you! Keep us posted on your visit. Sending you lots of positive thoughts! -April,, Moderator

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