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Has anyone had anything similar to this?

I found a lump/lesion on my shoulder blade area about 10 days ago. Wouldnt have known it was there until I felt it whilst itching my back. In the 10 days ive known of it's existence it has changed shape and gets itchy and I'm quite concerned about it. I do have an appointment with gp in a few days time. I just wondered if anyone had experienced anything that looks similar X thanks

  1. Hi ! I'm glad to read that you have an appointment with your GP coming up, as they can hopefully provide guidance on whether or not to be concerned about this spot. I hope others who may have had similar spots pop up are able to chime in, but, in the meantime, I wanted to share our image gallery with you so you can get a better understanding of what various forms of skin cancer look like: I hope this helps - please keep me posted on how your appointment goes! All the best, Alexa ( moderator)

    1. thankyou for your response it's very much appreciated. I have already googled the life out of similar looking bumps 😅 and have also had a look at the link you've provided, thankyou! It looks very similar to a couple i have seen but it's pointless making a conclusion based on pictures alone. GP appointment tomorrow, hopefully will get some answers to save all this anxious googling and wondering what on earth it is! ❤️ It has changed again in the last 2 days though! Been keeping a bit of a photo diary to show the doctor 😅 Changed

    2. Sending positive thoughts your way for your GP appointment today! Please let me know how it goes! All the best, Alexa ( moderator)

  2. I went to the drs surgery and apparently my appointment was made in error which is super annoying. I have one tomorrow now instead.... More waiting! Agh!
    Thankyou so much for thinking of me, it means a lot X I'll let you know.

    1. thankyou, I appreciate you asking and for thinking of me. So I went to see gp today and she had a look with a magnifying lens and said it's definitely of a concern and needs refering asap. So pictures have now been sent off and I wait for news on what happens next. Bit scared to be honest. The magnified pictures look a bit more concerning 😳😫 I've attached it here X
      Will update when I get any news X thank you again for your kindness ☺️

    2. I'm SO glad you were able to get to your GP and get this examined! I completely understand why you're scared and am really hoping that any news you receive is good news. But again, kudos to you for taking the steps to get this checked out! It can be really challenging to address health scares like this, but the sooner you act, the better. I'll look forward to getting an update once you hear more, but wishing you all the best in the meantime! -Alexa ( moderator)

  3. I am very glad your doctor did not say it was nothing. You are wise to bring up changes so they can be addressed. I have had 1 melanoma, 2 basal cell cancers and ten (and counting) squamous cell skin cancers so far. They look quite different from one another usually so anything different needs to be checked out. If our spot is skin cancer, you will be very glad that you persevered in having it checked.

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