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If you found a jeannie in a bottle and could make three wishes regarding skin cancer, what would they be?

Don't we all wish we could find that jeannie?

  1. 1, 2, and 3 would be me knowing what lies ahead with my skin cancer. I have a lot of fear that it will come back. I was looking into the mirror today trying to decide if my lip looks funny and the skin cancer is back or I am imagining it all.

    1. You are welcome. We need to stick together. Scott moderator

    2. Agreed!

  2. I would wish I didn’t get Melanoma first. I wish people would take skin cancer seriously second and I’d wish for the perfect sunscreen.

    1. Those are three wishes that I hope come true yesterday. Scott moderator

      1. 1) that NHS adopted reflective Confocal microscopy (skin imaging) and price of same comes down; 2) the NHS gives everyone who has had melanoma right to a skin check once a year for ten years; 3) the UK government agreed to spend £20 million on an education programme as the Victoria state government did in Austrialia; 4) the we had more Doctors in primary care (gps) with special interest in skin; 5) I could get 50spf free on prescription.

        1. I support all of those. I lived in the UK for a year and hope you get your wishes (all five of them, you must have a very good jeannie!) Scott moderator

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