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It’s only skin cancer

Has anyone made light of your skin cancer? I had a friend for 20 years, and she informed me skin cancer is not serious. I was like pardon me?!!!? To say that it cut me to the quick doesn’t suffice. How about you?

  1. I have heard downplay skin cancer for sure. I don't think it was malicious. It was probably meant to be a comfort but belied a naivete. I try to be sensitive to people who are not informed and educate them a little. I have no idea if they get it until they "get" it. Scott moderator

    1. I think that is a good approach. Certainly taking the high road.

  2. Unfortunately, I have had quite a few people remark that it is "only skin cancer." It never gets easier hearing remarks like that. We know better, and all we can do is continue to advocate and bring awareness.

    Hang in there! April,, Moderator

    1. This is the approach that I try to have. Sometimes though if I am in a mood, I might not be so diplomatic and of course this is not helpful. Scott moderator

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