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Waiting for Open Wound to Heal

It’s me again! I’m still dressing this open wound. It’s Mohs Surgery. It was a BCC that grew to the size of a dime. The surgery left an open wound about the size of a quarter. The derm. did not advise me well and so I felt compelled to not do stitches. It’s been 5 weeks now and I am dressing this open wound every day. It’s not as deep as it was. But inside the would is slowly showing any progress. How long should this take to at least developed scar tissue across the wound?

  1. ...It's good to hear from you again! I am glad to hear that you are seeing some progress with your healing. I know it has been a long and difficult road for you.

    We have had a few replies to your previous questions and shared an article that details his experience with open wound healing. I am dropping the links here for you.

    Here's a link to the Facebook post with several responses to your question.

    I hope your healing continues to move smoothly and quickly! We are here for you!
    April,, Moderator

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