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Multiple BCC

Hi recently diagnosed with BCC successful excision to remove but since have two more both being removed by freezing. Just wondered, is there any sense at all around volumes once they kick in, or what the triggers are, or what would be considered an average count for 54 year old with badly damaged head from sun? Many thanks

  1. Hi , I'm not sure if there is a sense of skin cancers being "trigger" or not. I have heard some advocates associate it with years of damage simply beginning to catch up to them. I wanted to tag here, as she mentioned a bunch of spots popping up at once too. I hope we'll hear from others too. Thank you for posting this! - Nina, Team

    1. Hi Nina, many thanks for the reply. Bit more context, I have had 3 on my head appear in the space of 2 months and I wouldn’t rule out more by the looks of it.
      Was looking for stories of similar experiences to try and understand how many and how quickly they could appear


      1. Gotcha, . I'll certainly add people here as I hear about this.
        This story talks about many, many removals, and keep in mind that not all of their spots may have been skin cancer:
        This article talks about how many of our annual survey respondents had multiple occurrences:
        We've certainly heard a lot of frustration about continuing to find more skin spots in the Facebook comments too.
        I imagine it is especially stressful to see these spots pop up on your head, as it can be a tricky spot to treat and heal. Wishing you luck and I hope we'll hear from others!
        Nina, Team

      2. I had basal, squamous, and 2 different melanomas all within 5 mths. My dermatologists just have me come in every 3 mths for a whole body check. It seems like all my years of tanning beds are catching up to me. I'm curious like you though

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